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Chinese Airlines Must Reduce Number of Seats Because of Overweight Passengers

Oct 6th, 2006 | By

Americans are not the only group with an obesity problem.  As the Chinese population has gotten larger, it has had an affect on Chinese airlines:  overweight Chinese passengers are having trouble fitting in airplane seats.  Airlines in China historically have squeezed more seats into a plane because their travelers have been smaller than Western passengers.  But a source at China Eastern Airlines says that they are going to need to remove 20 seats from their A321s because their passengers are getting too large for the current configuration.  It turns out that the Chinese population’s growing bottoms will cause a shrinking bottom line at the airlines.  (sorry)

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  1. Too many things being made in China,
    China’s rapid expansion is causing rapid expansion of the waistline-
    maybe we should export Plus size and “Big and Tall clothing stores” to the Chinese.
    Sad, but part of the business strategy of Frito Lay, KFC and Pizza Hut… is having a profound impact to the Chinese people.

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