British Airways Worker Suspended for Wearing Cross

British Airways, Uncategorized October 16 2006 1 Comment

British Airways has suspended an employee because, gasp!, she was wearing a small cross on a chain while she was working.  BA has said that its policy is that all employees must wear jewelry, including religious symbols, under their uniforms.  OK fine.  As you might imagine, there is a bit of an uproar over this and we can likely expect the staff member to be reinstated.  At least I hope so…

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  1. Kross says:

    So what’s wrong with that, when all other jewellery is UNDER? What’s always so special in America with Christianity, THE religion that has done more harm to the world than any other, for 2000 years now? I certainly would be offended riding on that plane. Or by a Star of David, or Mohammads name scroll, or even by a good ol’ gaudy rhinestone brooch…

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