Farts Lead to Flight Diversion

(Thanks to Nicole at Hitwise for the heads up…)

Every once in a while, a story comes along the reminds me why I get up an write this stupid thing every day:

An American Airlines flight from Washington to Dallas was forced to divert to Nashville after passengers smelled smoke on the airplane.  I’ll cut to the chase:  they smelled smoke because a woman lit matches in the bathroom to cover up the smell of her farts.  While she was not charged with any crime (has the TSA banned gas? — it’s not a liquid), American has banned her from flying the airline. 

I almost feel like I should just shut down this website right now because there is no way I will ever EVER find a better story than this.  All the other blah blah blah I write in here every day pales in comparison to a woman trying to cover up her flatulence and forcing a plane to divert.  I will spend the rest of my life chasing another story like this one.  Bravo.

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