Ice Cream, The Next Terrorist

A friend of the OTR writes:

"After being delayed for 5 hours last night in the Manchester NH airport, all of the services behind security had closed.  The only ones open, of course, were the ones outside of security, which you could see through a giant glass wall, not unlike the cage Lechter was in in silence of the lambs.

My brother and I decided we wanted ice cream.  There was a Ben and Jerry’s open outside of security, so I
went out of security to get ice cream for both of us.  Walking back through security with two ice creams, the
security guy stopped me and said I couldn’t pass through security. 

I asked him why, he said: "We’ll sir, it is a cream."

"Of course it is."

"According to TSA regulations you cannot bring creams or gels over one 3 oz past security."

…keeping America safe, one cone at a time.

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