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$899 Round Trip to London in Business Class

Silverjet, one of the all-business class airlines to London) has launched a promotion where you get a free one-way ticket for each one-way ticket you purchase (ie, 50% off a roundtrip to London).  In exchange for telling them what frequent flyer program you are a member of, you’ll get a round trip ticket for $899 — even cheaper than MAXjet (and quite a bit nicer).  Silverjet has angled lie-flat seats and a dedicated terminal at London Luton airport (not as far away as you might think).

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  1. That’s a good fare, but you missed the April Fools Fare of $401 round-trip on Silverjet a little over 2 weeks ago.

  2. Yeah — unfortunately, it was gone by the time I saw it. That was a helluva deal.

  3. Will you ever talk about the vast improvements made on service and reliability at MAXjet, our will you just continue to aim your venom darts at people who have done nothing to you, solely for your malicious amusement?

    Yep, I work for MAX.

    Silverjet has not been without it’s problems on startup, and keep in mind…they had the opportunity to learn from some of our mistakes.

    We pioneered affordable business class, this was uncharted territory when started out so of course there were mistakes, but you could be fair because there have been an awful lot of improvements our way.

    Of course I think there is such a built in hostility toward U.S. carriers, that no matter what we do, it will be wrong. Damned if we do, damned if we don’t.

  4. Uh, Tony, I wrote an extremely nice post about MAXjet 1 week ago talking about how much better they’ve done since dropping their IAD flights.

    Feel free to read it here:

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