Blackberries on Planes

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On both directions flying back and forth this week to Boston on the Shuttle, I sat next to people who Blackberried during the entire flight.  Both were asked by flight attendants to put the devices away, both pretended to do so until she was gone, and both then pulled said devices back out again.

I am struck that adults in the middle of their business careers can act like petulant 4 year olds.  One of the people complained to his seatmate that because the flight was delayed, he was going to use the blackberry whether the airline liked it or not.  This was an adult speaking.

When you’re stuck in a tin can with 150 other people for an hour or three, some rule of order has to apply.  We, as passengers, don’t have to like it.  But we do have to follow the rules – even when they don’t make sense.  It’s not a democracy on a 757.  I don’t know why we can’t use Blackberries.  I don’t know why they say "You’re free to move about the cabin" when "You can walk around now" actually sounds like English.  I don’t know why it costs 4 times more to fly from New York to Boston than from New York to London.  I don’t know why the government thinks 3.7 ounces of toothpaste will lead to a terrorist incident, but 2.3 ounces won’t.

But whether we like it or not, that’s the state of flying today – small annoyances, punctuated by having to take off your clothes when you go through security.  Acting like a child by refusing to put away your toys when you’re told to clean up doesn’t benefit anyone.  And, frankly, it makes you look like a jackass. 

Next time a flight attendant (who didn’t make the rules, mind you) asks you to do something you’d prefer not to do, just smile and realize that sitting in a can without a blackberry for 3 hours is still better than being in the office.

Carry on…

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  1. Joey says:

    Nicely vocalized — or written! On almost every flight I take (and I’m a 1K on UA), an annoying person with a Blackberry is clicking away the whole flight and then hiding their device when the flight attendant passes by. It’s bad advertising for Blackberry… I’ve decided that any person who owns one is petulant and raccoon-like. I don’t want to be that uncool, so I’ve told myself I cannot get a Blackberry. It’s a bummer.

  2. Enough Said says:

    Here Here! And when you slam your head into the ceiling because you are too good to wear that seatbelt, don’t blame the airline! They told you about the turbulence before they hit it. And even if they hit some that you weren’t warned about, that seatbelt sign was on. And if you were stupid enough to slam your head into the ceiling, don’t sue the airline. They didn’t put the turbulence there.

    Sitting in first class may get you a drink for free, but it doesn’t release you from the laws of nature. Be a responsible adult, wear your seatbelt, put away your toys and act the way you should. And by the way, you aren’t better than everyone else on the plane! And no one really cares who you THINK you are. Get the point yet?

    Whether you think so or not, they do know what you are doing. They have seen it all before. If you do it enough or make yourself enough of a pain, they will make sure a narrative of your actions is put into your reservation and the crews on your future flights will know what a pain in the ass you really are even before takeoff.

    There is a reason why they tell you more than once to do or not do something. After a numbers of warnings, you go from being nicely told to stop your actions by a Flight Attendant to being met by the police on landing. Have it your way… you might not know until your arrival of your new welcoming party!

    Gone are the days were the customer is always right. You are now a part of the “behave or go to jail” world. Like it on not, that is the way it is.

    Ever seen the Flight Attendant bumper sticker “I’m a Flight Attendant. I’m here to save your ass, not Kiss it!” In this day and age, just remember, they have now been trained to kick your ass, too! Enough Said!

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