Spirit Airlines Announces Service to Nicaragua

Spirit Airlines May 25 2007 0 Comments

Spirit Airlines announced new service to Managua, Nicaragua, beginning in August.  Normally, I don’t bother sharing new routes, but this marks a rather significant expansion into Latin America for the little-airline-that-could.  The past year has seen Spirit announce new service to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti and Peru, among other destinations.  What’s interesting, is that US Airways tried to launch many of these same (or similar) services from its Ft. Lauderdale hub (or focus city) a couple of years ago, without much success.  Spirit has created buzz by offering seats to new cities for $.08 and keeping regular fares extremely reasonable.  Launching from Lauderdale was gutsy, as American has much of Latin America sewn up from Miami, but their ridiculous introductory fares have put a bit of buzz around the airline and gotten them noticed by the ethnic communities they’re hoping to serve. 

Always good to see an airline take a bit of a different approach…well done.

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