US Passport Rules Relaxed

You may remember that the US recently changed its passport rules so that people traveling to Canada and the Caribbean now require a passport.  Well, it turns out that the backlog of passport applications is so great that the US will relax those rules and permit Americans to travel to these countries without a passport.  I know what you’re thinking:  weren’t the rules put in place because it was an very important anti-terrorism strategy?  And if it was an important anti-terrorism strategy, why are they relaxing it because they can’t process paperwork?  Will the country be less safe while the passport backlog is fixed?  And if not, why have the rule in the first place?  Am I asking too many questions?  Probably.

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  1. Matthew Mizel

    How long is the delay for passport renewal? The State Department claims it can take as much as 10 weeks right now, but what have you been hearing?

  2. Janice Tribbett

    The trip from hell started at Frontier Airlines desk in St. Louis, MO on Sunday, July 15, 2007. A group of 6 family memb ers were travelling together. All had passports except for myself and one of my children. We brought along the required proof of passport application and birth certificates. The birth certificates were photocopies as the original ones were sent in with the passport application, as instructed.

    The supervisor at Frontier said that we could not board because we would be refused entry into Vancouver, Canada without Certified birth certificates. I telephones the Vancouver border station and was told that what we had was perfectly ok and Frontier was incorrect.

    We asked her to talk with the Canadian official and she did. After she hung up she told Frontier didn’t care what the Canadian official said and would not let us board. When I asked to see a manager, the supervisor refused to call one.

    To get nearer to Vancouver, they flew us to Seattle. We missed our cruise departure and they were extremely rude to us. We finally decided to get our own transportation to Canada and flew Alaska Air to Ketchikan as that was the first port of call where we could board the ship.

    Upon reconfirming our return from Vancouver to St Louis, Frontier Airlines told me they would not let us on the plane to get back into the USA. We asked other airlines like Northwest and American and they would accept our documents without a problem.

    How in the world can Frontier decide what the Canadian and USA require for entry or exit?

    On the flight to Seattle over half the people had been denied boarding for the very same reason: They didn’t want to get a fine if we couldn’t get into the country. The fact that we confirmed we could, with both Canada and USA immigration/border control ruined not only our trip but the trip of at least 75 others.


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