Emirates to Upgrade 777 Cabins

Good news if you’re flying Emirates in the next year or so:  Beginning in August, the airline will roll out new cabins in their 777s, and if you’re flying first class, you’ll be pretty happy.  First class will have 23 inch televisions, giant fully flat massage beds and personal mini-bar.  Business and coach get enhancements as well (more legroom in coach is a big one), as well as 17 inch TVs in business and 10.6 inch TVs in coach.  If you’ve gotta spend 13 hours in the air, this is the way to do it.

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  1. World traveler

    I have flown them and they are fantastic! I have to go back to Dubai in December and will use the new Houston – Dubai non-stop service. They are truly the best to the Middle East..

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