Sheikh Delays British Airways Flight for 3 Hours

British Airways, Uncategorized July 31 2007 1 Comment

While Qatar Airways is known for its customer service, apparently Qatar royalty are not…

A Qatari sheikh delayed a British Airways flight in Milan for 3 hours last week when he discovered that 3 of his female relatives were seated next to men they didn’t know.  Muslim tradition forbids women to mix with men outside their family.  Why they didn’t reserve their business class seats, I don’t know.  In any case, none of the other passengers in business class would switch seats (obnoxious in its own way), causing the sheikh to storm into the cockpit to confront the pilot about the situation.  As you might imagine, the pilot, who had already started the plane’s engine, was none too amused and kicked the Qatari family off the plane.

The end.

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  1. mike ritota says:

    When in Rome, do like the Romans.
    Enough is enough of these medieval rules.

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