Computer Glitch at LAX Causes Massive Delays

Whew, it was a MESS at LAX on Saturday as a computer glitch in customs caused a backup of 20,000 passengers arriving on international flights.  Passengers waited for hours with no water or air conditioning (this is becoming a theme this summer) as officials tried to fix the system, which contains a list of people who require secondary searches upon entering the country.  The computers went down around 2pm, but the backlog did not clear out until after 3 am.  Water was gone after a couple of hours, and took took several hours to bring in more.

Someone (me?) will write a book about this summer’s air travel disasters.  Everyone I know who flies for work has had at least one 5+ hour delay or other similar calamity.  Misery.

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  1. What is with this happening all the time. And no water or ac? This is ridiculous. It’s a good thing New York passed the passenger’s bill of rights recently.

  2. how is a passenger’s bill of rights going to help you when it is CBP that is not letting you into the country. Keeping people in the airplanes was humane — and better for crowd control. Can’t imagine 17,000 people rioting at LAX and then breaking through the barriers.

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