Air Travelers Rights

If you’re in the mood to get rather pissed off, check out this NY Times article about Kate Hanni, who founded an air traveler’s rights group after being stranded on the tarmac for a whole bunch of hours last year.  The part that will get you really annoyed is the video in the story (also on Youtube here) that a passenger took on a Delta flight that sat on the runway at JFK for 7 hours.  They were not permitted to leave the plane, and the airline refused to give them food (headquarters said that the flight wasn’t supposed to have food, so no food was provided).  Please, if you’re ever in that position, demand to be let off the plane.  Or get yourself arrested, a tactic that has worked in the past. 

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  1. Did you see this story, Jared – about a 15 hour delay between CPT and JHB? This is unreal, was big news when I was in SA recently:

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