Skybus Opens New Base at Greensboro

Skybus is branching out from its Columbus-based operation by launching a small hub in Greensboro, NC, with flights to Florida, the Northeast, and Burbank starting early next year.  Skybus recently shifted its scheduled around in Columbus, eliminating flights to San Diego and dropping one of its flights to Burbank.  They learned, as JetBlue learned, that long-haul flights aren’t as profitable as shorter trips.  Of course, it remains to be seen whether daily service from Greensboro to Chicopee, MA, can be profitable…

In somewhat similar news. former Continental Express partner ExpressJet Airlines, which launched its own airline earlier in the year serving smaller cities that didn’t have nonstop service, is now re-thinking that decision.  The CEO now says they’re mulling going private again to give them a bit more flexibility with their business strategy.  ExpressJet, we hardly knew ye.


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