Report: Pilot and First Officer Slept During Redeye

An odd one:  During some congressional testimony yesterday, witnesses discussed an incident in 2004 where both the pilot and the first officer of a red-eye flight from Denver to Baltimore fell asleep 45 minutes before landing.  The pilot was flying his third overnight in a row.

They were awakened by "frantic" calls from air traffic control saying that they were approaching the Baltimore airport at twice the acceptable speed.  In the end everything was fine.  The name of the airline was not released, but United says it did not fly a red-eye on that route in 2004, though Frontier admits it did (but says it was not aware of the incident).  Pilot fatigue is a far bigger issue than people realize (at least from what I hear and read), and airlines have begun allowing pilots to basically call out sick if they feel too tired to fly.


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