US Airways Adds $5 Fee for Booking on Its Website

(Thanks to View from the Wing)

Taking a page from universally-beloved Ticketmaster, US Airways has added a $5 fee for bookings made on its own website.  It’s essentially a fare increase couched as a service fee, which is nonsense, and I hope the FTC cracks down on this.  If you’re going to book on US Airways, consider using Priceline (of all things), which does not charge a service fee (if you haven’t used Priceline in a while, they primarily do regular bookings now, not the old name-your-price thing).


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  1. and here is me thinking; websites must be cheaper as the overheads are lower… ever so slightly ridiculous.

  2. Getasmuch$outofthemasyoucan

    Ah yes, but ever such an easy way to increase profits.

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