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Bye Bye, MAXjet

MAXjet announced it is filing for bankruptcy and ceasing all flights today.  If you are in the middle of travel on MAXjet, you will be reaccomodated on Eos if you are flying to New York (a good thing, trust me), or on another airline if you are flying to LA or Vegas.  If you have a MAXjet ticket, you should ask your credit card company or travel agent for a refund.

This is a perfect example of just how difficult it is to succeed as an airline.  MAXjet was offering a product that was perhaps half-a-step lower in quality than its US-based competitors, but charging about 80% less.  And they still couldn’t make it work (it didn’t help that for the first year and change of their operations their planes were far less-than-reliable.  Nobody tried to match MAXjet on fares, but I wouldn’t be surprised if SilverJet, which was positioned between MAXjet and Eos, tried to bring their prices up a bit (they’re struggling as well).

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    So we just did a story about Maxjet for our Dec issue of and know have to make changes but we we hate to see any airline go under…any airline

  2. I think the problem with Maxjet was they didn’t really offer anything new, just an all-premium configuration, and not all that premium either. I think Silverjet have a better chance at succeeding because they’re doing something different, especially on the ground where they’ve got check-in in their lounges, fast security, private terminals and so on. It will be interesting also to see how L’Avion get on in the coming year.

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