The Last Tempations of…

Back from a few days R&R and I’ll have regular stuff tomorrow, but I wanted to share 2 trip-related things that may be of interest…

- I believe I flew on the world’s shortest scheduled commercial flight — a 10am flight from Ambergris Caye to Caye Caulker that is scheduled to arrive at 10:05am.  We arrived 2 minutes late.

-  I heard the most ridiculous conversation ever in the row behind me on our flight home.  A white woman in her early 60s was chatting with the African American man in his 50s sitting next to her.  Here’s the conversation.  Seriously.  This is the conversation:

Woman: So, what kind of work are you in?
Man: I’m an entertainer.
W: What kind of entertainer?
M: I’m a singer.  I’m in the Temptations* (see note below)
W: Oh.  Do I know any of your songs?
M: My Girl.  Just My Imagination…
W: You were in the original group?
M: No, everyone from the original group is dead.
W: Ah.  (Pause, noticing his watch).  You’ve got a lot of bling bling (it was even more uncomfortable when she said it.)
M: Yeah.  I guess I do.
W: (Pause.)  There are a lot of brothers in Belize.
M: (uncomfortable silence)
W: Yeah, it’s about 47% brothers. (pause).  So did you guys do a concert in Belize?
M: No.  We worked a cruise ship.
W: Oh.  I bet you can hook up with a bunch of women on a cruise ship.
M: (uncomfortable pause).  I’m a bit old for that now.
W: Did you hear about the election results? (the conversation really did jump around like this.  She was insane.)
M: Yeah, I was able to catch it on the news.
W: I bet you were excited about Obama.
M: (gives detailed and, frankly, impressive overview of the current state of electoral affairs, that did not include him screaming at her, which is what I would’ve done.)
W: So, you guys sing and dance?
M: Of course – we’re the Temptations, you gotta have dancing.
W: Do you rap?
M: Uh, no.  There’s no rap in the show.  I’m an old school guy.
W: What new music do you listen to?
M: I don’t really listen to new music – I like the old stuff.
W: You don’t like rap?
M: No, I like the old stuff.
(…and on it went)

At this point my wife was crying uncontrollably.  I’ll give the guy all the credit in the world — I was expecting her to ask how he spent MLK Day, but she didn’t.

* A note about the Temptations (and I apologize for the David Foster Wallace-esque footnote here):  He was not actually in the Temptations.  After a great deal of Googling last night, I was able to figure out that he is in a group called Tribute to the Temptations (see here, the gentleman in the row behind me is the middle one in the photo).  Like with many of the oldies acts, there is a great deal of confusion about who owns the names to these groups.  With the Temptations, it took me a while to figure out that the people on the plane were not the group that goes by “The Temptations” nor were they “Former Leads of the Temptations,” nor were they “Dennis Edwards and the Temptations Review,” nor were they “Damon Harris and the Temptations Review,” nor were they “Glenn Leonard and the Temptations Experience,” nor were they “Damon Harris and the Temptations Tribute,” nor were they “Richard Street’s Temptations,” nor were they “Legendary Lead Singers of the Temptations, ” nor, finally, “The Temptations Reunion Show.”

While he was a really nice guy (as was one of the other members of the group we had some contact with), he is not a member of the Temptations.  They are 5 guys who sing Temptations songs.  But in college I performed in a band where we played a Pearl Jam song.  I have yet to tell anyone that I am a member of Pearl Jam.  Nor have I performed on a cruise ship as Pearl Jam.  Though this is what happens every day with these oldies acts.

Oh, and this has nothing at all to do with airlines.  Carry on.

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  1. Oh holy hell – LMAO! Poor guy. Sad woman.

  2. As I understand it, the gentleman, Don,in back of you also owns the rights to the band name Yes, which he is currently in a court battle with Chris Squire.

  3. Fantastic stuff….wish I could have heard it…was Bono on the flight too, sorry, that would be Boni


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