Eos to Launch Dubai, Newark

Eos has announced that it will launch flights between Newark and London-Stansted in May and between Stansted and Dubai in July.  You may be saying to yourself, that’s funny, because doesn’t SilverJet already fly between those cities?  Yes, yes they do.  Eos received some funding from some Middle Eastern sources last year, and it wouldn’t be surprising if flights to Dubai were part of the deal.

So I’m of 2 minds here:  In general, it’s certainly better to stay out of the way of competitors.  But on the other hand, this may be a case of more competition helping to create the market.  On yet the other hand, given Emirates’ multiple nonstop flights from New York to Dubai, Eos is really just launching London-Dubai (there will be few people connecting NYC-STN-DXB).  Given that the bulk of their marketing comes out of New York, it will be very interesting to see whether they’re able to market a non-US-based route.

Oh, and what about Paris that was supposed to be launching this spring?


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