JetBlue to Offer “Enhanced Cabin”

JetBlue’s CEO said in a recent interview that it plans to offer an “enhanced cabin” aimed at business travelers when it receives new A320s next month.  The cabin at the front of the plane will offer additional legroom for a higher price (I believe we used to call this “first class.”)  Business passengers make up about 10-20% of JetBlue’s travelers, and the carrier is hoping to increase average fares by offering a product that would appeal more to them.  Though the current 36″ of legroom is only slightly less than you’d find on domestic first class on other carriers, so I’m not quite sure what the issue is (and on transcons, JetBlue’s new service won’t come near United’s PS, so they won’t be competing there either.)

In other news, they also announced that they’ll launch flights from LAX to New York and Boston.

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  1. So, will they upgrade the snacks in the “enhanced” area? Maybe TWO bags of Doritos Munchies Mix???

    A pitch of “36 is not a very noteworthy competitive edge over Virgin America. I know everything JB is great, I personally find their offerings to be a bit stale.

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