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American Airlines Passenger Dies after Flight Attendant Refuses to Give Oxygen

Feb 25th, 2008 | By

A passenger died on an American Airlines flight from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, to JFK on Friday after she complained of feeling ill. She twice asked a flight attendant for oxygen, and twice she refused the passenger’s request. After other passengers began to get upset, they attempted to administer oxygen, only to find that the oxygen canisters were empty.

You might have guessed that her death was the worst part of the story. Well, close. The worst part is after she died when they dragged her body to the first class cabin, put her on the floor, and covered her with a blanket. Upgrade, my ass.

(Update: American Airlines says the oxygen worked just fine. Well, not fine enough to save the passenger, but they said that the canisters were not empty.)

(Update 2: Let me give a shout-out to AA’s PR department for keeping me/us updated on this.  Here’s their official position) :

American Airlines on Monday said it did administer oxygen and applied a defibrillator to a 44-year-old woman on a flight Friday from Haiti to New York who later died before the plane landed.

“We are investigating this incident…but American Airlines can say oxygen was administered and the Automatic External Defibrillator was applied,” the company said in a statement Monday. 

The airline didn’t say in its statement whether the medical equipment worked, only that they stood behind its functionality.

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  1. How dare this stew deny a woman oxygen. In my opinion, unless they are professionally trained FAs, a vending machine is more useful. American has stupid, socially inept pilots and so many dumb FAs. What was this chick thinking? Idiot. AA’s management can’t even produce intelligent flight attendants anymore. What a loser.

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