Pan Am, Closed (Again)

(Thanks to Today in the Sky…)

Pan Am (ie, Boston-Maine Airways Pan Am Clipper Connection), has once again shut down (for the, what, 4th time?).  Pan Am (it just sounds weird even writing that) had been flying its sole route from Trenton to Hanscom Field outside of Boston until the government proposed revoking its license to fly (for various reasons which are no longer important).  Trenton is now left without air service for the first time in 13 years and, I would guess, is the only state capital without flights (correct me if I’m wrong about that).
So, if you wanted to start an airline called “Pan Am,” I bet that name will be for sale pretty soon.

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  1. Capital Cities without regularly scheduled air service:
    Dover, Delaware
    Frankfort, Kentucky
    Carson City, Nevada
    Trenton, New Jersey (thanks also to Pan Am)
    Montpelier, Vermont

    State Capitals with close airports in the State but not at the Capital:
    Concord, New Hampshire
    Annapolis, Maryland

  2. onlinetravelreview

    Thanks for that – glad to see OTR readers are far smarter than me.

  3. I am so relieved that Pan Am/Boston-Maine Airways will be closing again. Lets pray we will never see the likes of them, ever. Poor Management. Poor Service. Poor Maintenance on their Planes. Lies, Falsehoods. Treated their Employees like Dirt.

    Our skies and their past passengers will be safer with them gone.

    I write out of knowledge and past experience with this airline and you all have No Idea how bad of an airline they Really were. Horror Stories for sure.

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