JetBlue Confirms Added Cost for More Legroom

JetBlue confirmed that later this year it will begin to charge extra for seats with additional legroom. Planes will not be reconfigured — the airline will now charge more for the first rows on the aircraft and for exit rows. While this is annoying news for people who have enjoyed business class-like legroom for no added cost, it will benefit business travelers, who have found that those rows are always filled up when they book with little advanced purchase. The carrier hasn’t announced pricing yet, but it’s certainly worth $25 for the extra space.

(Thanks to reader and storyteller extraordinaire Joey-Z for the head’s up.)

UPDATE:  JetBlue has announced the details on this:   Rows 2-5 and the exit rows on their A320s will cost $10 for short-haul and $20 for long-haul flights.  All other rows will have a still generous 34″ of pitch.  The exit row on the E190s will also cost $10.  $20 for 38″ of pitch (roughly what you get in business class on Continental) is a great deal when flying cross country.  The interesting part to me is that their main competitive advantage over Virgin America was that they offered 8 rows where you got 4 more inches of pitch than on VA.  Now that advantage is mostly gone (you get an extra 2″ of legroom now).  Even so, I’m certain people will gladly pay $20 for the extra room long haul.

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