Man Sues JetBlue Because He Had to Sit in Bathroom (He Says)

Something about this is extremely fishy:

A man is suing JetBlue because, he says, he was forced to spend most of a flight from San Diego to JFK sitting on a toilet.  The passenger wanted to get on the flight but was told that there were no seats available.  He says a flight attendant offered to allow him to sit in her jump seat (huh? you can’t do that), which he agreed to.  After an hour and a half of flying, though, he was told the flight attendant wanted the jump seat back and that he would have to hang out in the bathroom.  I know, something doesn’t sound right, does it?  In any case, he’s suing for $2 million.

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  1. The story said the FA would give up her regular seat to sit in a jumpseat. Maybe she was off-duty and traveling standby in a regular seat. At no time was the passenger offered the jump seat, according to the news story.

  2. Would this only happen in America? A 2 million dollar lawsuit? OMG… this is nuts. I’m wondering about the future availability of Buddy Passes on Jetblue or any other American airline now… airlines may fear liability outweighs kindness.

    I wonder how he would have been treated on an Aeroflot plane. I’m thinking he would have been told to go through some kind of trap door (or hole in the floor) to the cargo hold and hang out down there for two hours with the animals.

    And the employee who gave him the Buddy Pass? Hmm… an uncomfortable position.

  3. Are we playing the telephone game here?
    The news story says that the flight attendant gave up HER REGULAR SEAT and agreed to sit in the jump seat so that he could have HER REGULAR SEAT on the plane. Ninety minutes into the flight, she decided she wanted the regular seat back because she was uncomfortable.

  4. 2 million isn’t enough.. these airlines treat customers like they’re cattle, and since our incompetent politicians haven’t gotten off their lazy a**es and done anything about it, what are we left to do? JetBlue is the same airline that kept people crammed up in their planes last winter for what 9 hours, and lied about selling customer data to the government. Obviously they HAVEN’T LEARNED THEIR LESSON YET. Maybe 2 million will teach them.

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