Flight Attendant Lights Fire on Plane Because He Didn’t Want to Go to Saskatoon

A Compass Airlines (Northwest) flight attendant set a fire on a flight he was working because he was upset he had to fly the route.  The 19-year old idiot was not happy about having to fly from Minneapolis to Saskatoon, so he set a small fire in the aircraft, which cause a diversion to Fargo, North Dakota.  There are many, many questions here, but I’m curious — if he was working for a Northwest regional affiliate flying out of Minneapolis, which exotic routes was he hoping to fly?  Thief River Falls?  Minot?

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  1. ‘Idiot’ fits the story nicely. Hopefully, his next stop will be Kabul, so he will learn to appreciate places like Saskatoon, and the good life of a flight attendant. Hrrrr…

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