How to Fight High Fuel Costs: Steal It From an Airplane

Weird Airline Stories May 19 2008 0 Comments

An airport worker in Portland, Maine, came up with a novel way to fight the high cost of heating his home:  he stole fuel from a JetBlue A320 parked at the airport to use for home heating.  An airport employee was seen filling up a 5-gallon jug with jet fuel from a JetBlue plane before it took off.  Following an investigation, the airline determined that the man had stolen 25 gallons of fuel from the airline.  While that is certainly a problem, the bigger problem is that some random dude was touching an airplane — which is not good.  It is especially not good considering all of the terrorism-related security nonsense we go through.  JetBlue says that the theft caused more than $3,000 in additional costs, including fixing a loose gas cap assembly.

The man has since been fired.

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