Ryanair to Charge for Priority Boarding

I think it’s helpful to look to Ryanair to see what new fees those of us in the US can look forward to in the next year:  The low cost leader previously had allowed those who had checked in online to go through priority boarding for free.  The result?  The priority boarding line was often longer than the non-priority boarding line.  So they’ve come up with a better solution:  It’ll now cost you GBP4 (or 5 Euro, about $8) to get priority boarding.  Online check in is still free (for now).

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  1. Jared, I remember there being paid priority boarding on Ryanair when I flew from Stansted back to Dublin a little over a year ago…maybe it was a test or this is a higher fee (I didn’t pay it, so I don’t remember what they were charging). Also Skybus did that here in the U.S., and I thought other LCCs had started here too — but again, maybe I’m mis-remembering.

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    You are correct — I should’ve been clearer. They have been offering priority boarding for a fee, but they’ve also been offering it for free if you checked in online. They’re now charging even if you check in online. Sorry about my incredible lack of clarity…

  3. No, my bad. That makes sense. And frankly, so does the fee from a company standpoint…just like the major airlines here all stopped giving free miles for booking online. It was the carrot, and now the carrot is no longer needed.

  4. not sure where you’re getting your info from but the ryanair site says:

    Passengers can check-in online from the comfort of their own home or office. By using Online Check-In passengers also receive Priority Boarding free of charge and thereby save time and money, by avoiding queues at the check-in and boarding gates.

  5. onlinetravelreview


    You can see the article here:


    The change was just made today…

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