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British Airways Club World to London, $2035 Round Trip (Taxes Included)

British Airways is having a great sale on their Club World business class from New York to London: They’re calling it a $1776 round trip fare, but with taxes and whatnot, it’ll cost you $2035 – quite a bargain for a lie-flat seat. Other airlines have a similar deal in the summer months, but this is good through the end of the year. Book by July 6.


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  1. British Airways is a rip-off. I’ve told all of my staff to stop using BA and fly others.
    I’m booked on a flight tomorrow July 7th – Club World from LA to LHR but wanted to change my booking to fly a week earlier. I was told that I would need to pay a $500 fee to change the ticket – not too bad I thought – but then I was told that I had to pay and extra $16,600 on top of what I had already paid because I had bought a ‘sale’ ticket. Now I read from this comment that they are despeartely trying to ‘give’ the seats away at knock-down prices! So beware fellow flyers out there – don’t buy these so called bargains unless you are sure you won’t need to change your booking. Buyer beware!

  2. After asking several people about their experiences on British Airlines, I’m torn. Half of the people I talk to love the airlines and say it’s undoubtedly the best European airline right now. They say the staff was friendly, it’s good for London connections and traveling around Europe, and the customer service is particularly helpful. The other half hate BA and say they refuse to fly with them ever again. They say the flights are often delayed, the crew members will lie to justify their actions and the seats are uncomfortably small. On, British Airlines got 3.12 stars out of 5–which plants it firmly in the middle. I suppose it depends on your individual trip, but BA could definitely use a little bit more consistency.

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