Drunk Passenger Tries to Open Airplane Door Midflight

A drunk passenger on a First Choice 767 traveling from Gatwick to Cuba forced an unscheduled stop in Bermuda after he tried to open the plane’s door while in flight (uh, pay no attention to the part of the story where they say they were flying at 50,000 feet, an altitude typically seen only by the Concorde and Space Shuttle).  While it’s basically impossible to open the cabin door mid-flight, attempting it is generally frowned upon by everybody.  The plane had to remain in Bermuda overnight.

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  1. That part surprised me too. The max CRUISING altitude (for Mach 0.8) of the 767 is 39,000FT and I think they sometimes go to 42,000FT (for example, the AC Gimli Glider was at 42,000FT when it ran out of fuel).

    According to:

    The max CERTIFIED altitude is 43,100FT

    I think they CAN and DID fly higher but they are not supposed to (or not allowed to?). For example, the Bombardier Glabal Express business jet is certified to fly at 51,000FT



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