Air Tahiti Nui to Discontinue New York Flights Until the Summer

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Air Tahiti Nui introduced non-stop flights to New York back in 2005 with the hopes of convincing New Yorkers to make the long trek to paradise instead of the 3-hour hop to the Caribbean.  That never really happened, with loads on those flights reportedly hovering the 30% range much of the time.  The airline cut back, making all flights connect through Los Angeles recently, but they are now announcing that they will cut all New York flights entirely, except for June 26-October 15, when they will re-start nonstop service from New York.

2 Responses on “Air Tahiti Nui to Discontinue New York Flights Until the Summer”

  1. iahphx says:

    The only thing surprising about this announcement is that Air Tahiti Nui plans to RETURN to NYC — much less with a summer schedule. Do New Yorkers think “Tahiti” in summer? Is it a family destination? Neither seems logical to me.

    There have been some fantastic deals on the NYC flights, due to a lack of customers. If you live in NY and want to visit Tahiti, I’d leave some time open in your summer calendar for next year for a last minute, “dirt cheap” trip. It will probably be the last opportunity before they simply give up. There is simply no logical reason for this airline to fly to anywhere in America except California, with a codeshare to feed the rest of the American demand.

  2. Jared says:

    I hear you…I always assumed that part of the traffic would be continuing to Paris. Apparently not.

    ATN had a pretty big campaign on launch to convince people to visit Tahiti (instead of Hawaii, I guess). But people assume (correctly) that Tahiti is so much farther away that it isn’t worth it.

    Agreed on the deals – AA was letting you go to Tahiti for 30,000 AAdvantage miles. A steal.

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