Long Flights on 737s

If you’ve found yourself stuck on a six-hour New York to LA flight on a 737, you were probably thinking back to the good ol’ days when the route was served by 747s.  Those days are, of course, loooooong gone.  To make yourself feel better about being crammed into a narrowbody for that long, check out this thread over at Airliners, which mentions several 10-hour (1-stop) 737 flights, including a whopper from Vienna, Austria, to Mombasa, Kenya.  Yikes.

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  1. I never understand why people say they are “crammed” into a narrow-body when they get pretty much the same amount of personal space in a wide-body. Are you really going to wander about the cabin much during the flight?

  2. onlinetravelreview

    The issue for me is several-fold:

    1) It feels much smaller in the narrowbody, leading to a much more cramped feeling even if, to your point, you have the same amount of legroom.

    2) Widebodies generally have better in-flight entertainment options.

    3) There are fewer bathrooms per passenger on a narrowbody, leading to long lines after meal service. This is a problem if you have to use the bathroom and if you are in an aisle seat near the bathroom where everybody will be all up in your stuff for much of the flight.

  3. As if on cue, Skytrax has a comment about FlyGlobespan using a 737-800 on a UK to Bermuda flight…

    “A flight I wouldn’t wish on anyone was our experience on a Bristol/Dublin to Hamilton route on Sept 29th. We were advised by e-mail of an aircraft change to a 737-800 about 10 days earlier which stated there may be a refueling stop. I didn’t like the sound of this at the time. Plane was flown down from Glasgow empty and was 45 minutes late leaving Bristol. A long delay in Dublin before passengers there were permitted to board and then a stop in Iceland for fuel witch took 90 minutes with us just sitting on the tarmac long after refueling was completed. I thought maybe they had to pay for the fuel before being allowed to leave. Going out of business was going through my mind as we had been Zoom victims on the outbound flight. Finally arrived in Hamilton at midnight after nearly 13 hours since leaving Bristol. Have to say the crew were good and the food decent. Last time I fly with a discount airline. “

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