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A Modest Request for Help, or, How Can I Save Tripmela

A bit of a departure today for the OTR…

As some of you know, most of my time is spent running, India’s only publisher of travel deals (if you know Travelzoo, we are Travelzoo for India – we publish a weekly email newsletter and website with airfare, hotel and package deals for India).  We also run, which is basically Bookingbuddy for India (airfare and hotel comparison).  We’ve been running for nearly 3 years, but it’s been a fulltime endeavor for about a year since we raised a bit of cash.

Long story short:  we need some help in three areas, and I’m using Online Travel Review to hit my readers up for ideas with the following (I thank you in advance for indulging me):

- We have not seen the growth in Tripmela newsletter subscribers that we had hoped.  We can acquire customers cheaply, but we’ve struggled to drive free traffic to the website.  If anyone has any thoughts about how we can do a better job driving traffic, I’d love to hear them.

- Searchmela actually works pretty well – we’ve launched paid search campaigns driving cheap traffic to the site.  Our issue is getting more people to do searches (which is how we get paid).  Feel free to check out and any suggestions you have about how to increase the number of people actually doing searches on us would be very helpful.

- Last, and most importantly, we have been trying to raise about $700,000 to take the business to the next level.  We feel we have all the pieces in place (nearly 100,000 newsletter subscribers; paying clients, etc), but we have, as yet, been unable to find an angel investor (or investors) for the business.  If you know anyone who might be interested in hearing a bit more about Tripmela, I’d be extremely thrilled to chat.  We’ve found that people who understand the travel business and people in the Indian American community are the most receptive, as they understand the potential.  We think there’s a great opportunity here, and we know that the right investor will help make it possible.  We just need some help meeting that person.

I can be reached at jared (at)

Thanks for your indulgence, and I promise I’ll be back on Monday with the usual ridiculousness.

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  1. two indian-americans that should be on your radar screen are rakesh gangwal (former USAIR) and ramesh punwani (FAA). Raj Singh (telcom ventures) might also be another avenue to explore.

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