Canadian Supreme Court: Airlines Can’t Charge Obese Passengers for 2 Seats

In case you are obese and were annoyed at having to pay for two seats on a plane, you’re in luck:  move to Canada.  The Canadian Supreme Court ruled that Air Canada cannot charge obese passengers for two seats if they cannot fit in one.  However, they will still have to buy two inflight meals.


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  1. A bad decision. What will they do when there are no two seats together to give to an obese person? I certainly don´t want to sit beside a person who is so obese that they need two seats. They should have to prove that they are under medical supervision, and have been for some time.
    I agree this is a good move for the disabled, but obesity is basically a choice. Eat too much and you get fat. You can´t smoke any longer on planes, so why make alloances for people who have made a similar lifestyle choice or addiction.

  2. Soon, airlines will then start selling seating by the inch. If you need more than the width of one seat, you’ll have to buy inches into the next seat, which would, of course, mean you have to buy the whole seat, or have a row of 3 seats where 2 obese people would have to buy a seat and a half. Of course, they could just buy first class tix.

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