American Idiot/Passenger Delays Turkish Flight: Too Many “Arab Types” on Plane

An American traveling on a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to JFK forced a 2-hour delay after he complained (if you read Turkish, see original story here) that there were too many “arab types” on the plane.  The passenger became rather upset and was escorted from the plane, but passengers were still forced to undergo a secondary security check.  Because they looked “arab.”  (He probably meant Muslim, not Arab, but he is an idiot, so the distinction likely isn’t important).  In any case, he caught a different flight home.


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  1. hilarous.

    you might like this (not to hijack the post!)

  2. So that idiot wasn’t concerned about the many “arab types” everywhere in Turkey?

    I guess I’ll have to see if I can get away with a “too many Timothy McVey types” complaint the next time I fly in the US on a flight with a lot of white folks.

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