Spirit Airlines Review: A Cartagena Trip Report

Lots of blogs feature trip reports that include every minute detail of their flights down to the last peanut, and for those who love that stuff (hats off to you, One Mile at a Time) I suggest reading a different site.  Instead, I bring you my minutia-free trip report from our quick jaunt down to Cartagena on Spirit Airlines:

LaGuardia-Fort Lauderdale
6:40am – 9:40am
Seat: Fine, though Seatguru should update their chart to reflect that on the A319, rows 20 and higher appear to have 1 less inch of pitch than the seats in front of it.

Food: No food.  We brought a yummy mix of Shredded Spoonfuls (delicious, though they broke up in the bag so that I ended up with a pile of broken spoonfuls) and Cinnamon somethings.  I can’t remember.  I was going to buy a coffee before we got on board, but I changed my mind.  Spirit charges for water, a fact I mention because everyone bitches about it; those same people need to get over it.

In-Flight Entertainment:  Watching my wife push the elbow of the gentleman next to her off of her seating area.  The nice man in 20F promptly fell asleep, then had his elbow all up in Susan’s stuff.  One piece of non-entertainment was Susan complaining about the aforementioned elbow for 2 hours.  Spirit offers no other entertainment than Elbow Man.  But let’s be honest here:  much like people complaining about the awful food being gone, did you really want to watch Cheaper by the Dozen 3?  No you didn’t.  Bring a movie with you.

Service:  Seriously, what difference does it make?  It was a quick 2.5 hour flight to Florida.

Overall?  They got us there in time for our connection.  A+

Fort Lauderdale – Cartagena
10:40am – 1:40pm

We left about 30 minutes late, as did several other flights heading to Central America.  Why?  Because incoming flights from Boston and Myrtle Beach, which were a bit late, had connecting passengers on them.  Spirit held the connecting flights.  Oddly, I expected this to lead to grumbling in the gate area, but because few of the people appeared to speak English, nobody whined.  Or perhaps I’m so used to New Yorkers complaining about everything that I was pleasantly surprised when it was taken in stride.  In any case, I’m sure that everyone on those slightly delayed flights were thrilled that Spirit held the flights.  I’m also sure Spirit will get no credit for it because those same passengers were so busy complaining about paying $2 for water.

Food:  I had the apple that I had forgotten I packed at the bottom of my bag.  Food options in the FLL terminal were minimal.  I also ate a number of chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels from Trader Joe’s, which Susan packed.  Had I not eaten them they would’ve become a giant mass of sludge once we landed in the 90 degree heat, so I managed to choke down every one of them.   Even so, I was tempted by the small can of Pringles they were selling on the plane.  However, I passed.

In-Flight Entertainment:  A film still in theatres that may have been acquired in a manner with which the MPAA would have disapproved.  One thing I appreciate about Spirit:  they tell you to bring your own movies on board because they’re not going to provide Cheaper by the Dozen 3 and pretend like they’re doing you a favor.

Seat:  We were actually in the same seat as our first flight, but without Elbow Man, making it feel like we were in one of those Singapore Airlines 30″ wide business class seats.

Service: The flight attendant made a joke about turning off the 8-track player you brought on board that was funny when he told it and far less funny when I just typed it.

Overall grade:  A (we were late, but it was for a good reason)

I won’t bore you anymore with the details of our return flight (we ate a banana and watched another movie acquired in a manner with which the MPAA may not have approved).  Both flights on the way back landed 25 minutes early, and I heard no $2 water-related complaining.

Tomorrow: the trip report of my cab ride from the airport home.

That was a joke.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know that on the Spirit A319, rows 20 and higher appear to have 1 less inch of pitch than the seats in front of it.

    We’ll add it to the site right away! http://www.seatguru.com/airlines/Spirit_Airlines/Spirit_Airlines_Airbus_A319.php

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