Did Spirit Airlines Screw Me? I’m Not Sure… (Probably not?)

I try not to bore everyone here with personal stories (I’m more than aware that no one cares), but here’s a quick one I’d like your input on:

On a whim, I booked a flight yesterday at 2pm on Spirit Airlines to fly to Nicaragua for 3 days on the beach ($300 all-in with no advanced purchase – gotta love Spirit).  At 5pm I head to the bus stop outside my apartment to catch the bus from LaGuardia when I get a phone call from Spirit telling me that the first leg of my flight (LaGuardia to Ft Lauderdale) is delayed and, hence, I will miss my connection to Managua.  The airline was not going to hold the plane in FLL (which I was fine with).  They offered to refund my money, and, because the next flight isn’t for 3 days, I didn’t rebook.

I went home, confusing my kids whom I had just left 10 minutes earlier telling them I’d be home on Friday.

I felt like I had just bought myself 3 days of my life (10 minutes of which I’m using writing this).

To torture myself, however, I went and looked at Spirit’s website this morning to see how badly I would’ve missed the connection in FLL.  Answer?  I wouldn’t have missed it.  They ended up holding the plane in FLL.

So, the question of the day:  Did Spirit help me out by making sure I didn’t get stranded in Lauderdale?  Or did they screw me because they’re clueless?

What do you think?

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  1. Connections are always a gamble. The older I get, the more I hate them. Spirit gave you the best information they had at the time. Things changed, as they often do. You got unlucky, not screwed.

  2. I’m on board with that. I’m a huge fan of Spirit’s ($300 with no AP?) And I know that they certainly didn’t screw me on purpose. To your point – connections suck, and while this rarely, rarely happens to me, this time I lost. Oh well.

  3. I agree you were unlucky however I have to say you should have went anyway. Worst case you are stuck in Lauderdale right? I know this quaint little “club” in the ghetto with plenty of…. bang…. for the buck. Perhaps you could have then called a few friends down to meet you or something. Cheers.

  4. My bet: the flight from LGA to FLL was oversold, and they sent a few staffers to do some speedy dialing, in hopes not to have the PR problems associated with unhappy passengers at the airport. The shortened connection was a perfect excuse, and I doubt anyone would think of passengers being sophisticated enough to check on the connection from the day before like you did. I have worked in travel for 17 years and I have seen a lot of stunts, including these calls made in “your best interest.” If you really wanted to get to Nicaragua, then I think basically you did get screwed.

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