Pakistan International Airlines Pilot Refuses to Fly Economy, Delays Flight 90 Minutes

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A off-duty pilot for Pakistan International Airlines caused a ruckus of sorts on a flight from Karachi to Jeddah last week when he refused to fly in coach.  Off-duty pilots are entitled to a business class seat, but business class was full.  The plane was already taxiing for takeoff when the aircraft’s pilots radioed the tower and requested to return to the airport for technical reasons.  That wasn’t true, however, as they simply wanted to gate agents to cut a deal with one of the business class passengers to change seats with the off-duty pilot, who was at that point causing a disturbance on the plane.

Despite offering compensation, none of the passengers would switch seats.  In the end, they allowed the off-duty pilot to sit in the cockpit (I’m not sure how that’s more comfortable than coach, but there you go).  For whatever reason, the pilot was not disciplined after delaying the flight for an hour and a half.

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  1. tu embarazo says:

    This is embarrassing, the pilot should see to it that passengers are seated comfortably, but not him. Maybe that pilot is really tired, we don’t know. But this is very humiliating in his part, he has no discipline. The flights are delayed because of him, there should be a penalty that the airline would implement for such action.

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