A Quick Trip Report: Flying with 3 Year Olds

From what I can tell from other sites, you airline dorks love your trip reports (I mean that entirely with love) with lots of detail about the flights. So I thought I’d pass along this report from my trip last weekend to St. John’s, Newfoundland, with our 3 year old girls, Sage & Scarlett.

Continental Flight 1700 EWR-YYT

A few snippets of conversation as we’re waiting the 45 minutes to take off:

Sage: Are we flying?

Me: No, we’re sitting on the ground. We haven’t left the gate.

Sage: Can I have a lollypop?

Me: When we get in the air, you can have one.

Sage: Are we in the air?

Me: No, we’re on the ground. You’ll know when we’re flying.

Sage: I want to watch a movie.

Me: You can watch when once we’re in the air.

Sage: Are we in the air now?

Me: Look out the window. Are we in the air?

Sage: No. Who drives the plane?

Me: The pilot.

Sage: He’s not a conductor?

Me: No, close though. A conductor drives a train. A pilot flies a plane in the cockpit.

Scarlett (from across the aisle): What you talking about Sage?

Sage: We talking about the plane.

Me: We’re talking about the pilot in the cockpit.

Scarlett (screaming across the aisle): What a cock is?

Me: No, cockpit. (to Susan: that was embarrassing)

Sage: Are we in Canada?

Me: No, we’re still waiting to take off. There’s a bunch of other planes that want to take off, too.

Sage: We’re not in Canada?

Me: No, not yet.

Sage: We in New York City?

Me: We were in New York City, now we’re in New Jersey.

Sage: Not in Canada?

Me: No.

Pilot: We’re 17th in line for departure. We should be in the air in about 20-25 minutes.

Sage: What him say?

Me: That we’ll be leaving soon.

Sage: I have to go to the bathroom.

Me: You’ve got to be kidding. We asked you to go before.

Sage: I have to go to the bathroom.

Me: We have to wait here, we can’t get up.


(Sage goes to the bathroom, thanks to kindly flight attendant who takes pity on me. And her.).

Sage: Here. (hands me crusts from sandwich)

Me: You eat the crusts at home. Why won’t you eat them?

Sage: You take them, daddy.

Me: I don’t want your crusts.

Sage: You have them.

Me: I don’t understand, you eat them at home.

Sage: But I’m on a plane.


3 hours of that up, 3 hours of that back. Scarlett also chatted for roughly 3 straight hours, but she was across the aisle of the mostly empty 737-700.

There ya go. Oh, how different it is to travel with kids. How can anyone complain about business travel?


  1. Oh that’s very funny… maybe next time you can refer to the cockpit as the flight deck and see how they can twist that around (perhaps even combine the two) to embarrass you!

  2. I think I’m going with “pilot room” :)

  3. So you have not learnt yet, As i have always said, on flights Benadryl is your friend (and the other passengers).

  4. Nice story!

    My 3 year-old so talks so much that I swear he doesn’t actually pause for breath!

    i suspect that he may be receiving secret circular-breathing lessons at kindergarten, like the professional singers do!

  5. I don’t understand how they can talk nonstop for hours on end. It’s crazy!

  6. Ah. Memories. Bad memories, but still.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    And for all other parents out there, remember it’s the “flight deck.” :)

  7. :grin:

    It’s funny because it is true.

  8. awesome. I can completely relate having kids this age.

  9. Thank you for sharing such a great funny story…are your girls twins? I can totally relate to your story. I have twin girls who are 7 years old now. I still remembered traveling with the girls during the age of 4-5, we would put them in pull-ups even though they were potty trained just for the moments when we can’t take them to the bathroom immediately….I just told them it was ok to go in their pull-ups .