Good News for Continental Elite: LAX – Hawaii Flights Eligible for Free Upgrades

Since we seem to rarely see airlines making changes that actually benefit travelers, I thought I’d pass along this quick one:  Continental Airlines has changed their longstanding policy so that Elite members are now eligible for free upgrades on flights between Los Angeles and Hawaii (they only currently serve Honolulu from LAX).  They’ve made this change in conjunction with the downgrading of aircraft from the 757 with BusinessFirst seats to a 737-900 with regular domestic first class seats (if you’re not a Continental flyer, first class seats aren’t as nice as BusinessFirst seats).

That said, Continental does operate some 767s and 757s with the good seats on the route, so if you plan carefully, you may be relaxing in comfort on the way to Hawaii.  (or back from Hawaii…you get my point).

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  1. Continental also flies to Honolulu from Newark and Houston. I am assuming that these flights do not qualify for the upgrade?

  2. Correct – only flights from LAX qualify.

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