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India’s Jet Airways Crippled by Pilot Strike

Pilots for India’s Jet Airways have staged a sick-out for the second day to protest the airline’s handling of pilot firings.  The strike has crippled the airline, forcing the carrier to cancel 206 flights today, including more than 170 domestic trips.  More than 400 pilots have called in sick to protest the sacking of 5 pilots by the airline.

The labor strife has caused significant problems for the airline, which is already on shaky financial ground. – domestic reservations have dropped by nearly half.

Jet has tried to cut expenses in the past by eliminating workers, but faced a major rebellion which caused the company to cancel plans to eliminate 1,900 staff members.

I wouldn’t be shocked if the 5 fired pilots are reinstated and everyone gets on with their life.

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  1. As much as I enjoyed flying Jet Airways domestically on some short hops, I have the feeling that it’s one poorly managed airline.

    - buying a bunch of brand-new 777s with super cool premium cabins, just to then rent them out to Turkish.
    - starting much ballihooded service between SFO and India, just to shut it down shortly afterwards
    - employee relations problems
    - merger with Sahara –> JetLite –> Jet

    Their management style seems to be “throw something at the wall and see what sticks”. Well, I guess some US-based carriers aren’t that different (*cough* Delta *cough*).

  2. Oddly enough, Jet used to be a very well-run airline. Then, like every carrier in India, they had ridiculous dreams of expansion. Then it all went to hell. Oddly enough, they’re probably better off leasing 777s to Turkish than flying them themselves.

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