Top 5 Friday: Airlines I’ve Been Surprised to Learn Fly (or Flew) 747s

I was pleased with the response from last Friday’s Top 5 747 routes Delta flew that made no sense.  Along those lines I bring you the Top 5 Airlines I’ve been surprised to learn Fly (or Flew) 747s:

- Surinam Airways.  Because of the distance from Surinam back to Amsterdam there was probably a point at which a 747 made sense.  Nah.  Check out the awesome circa-1973 font, though, on the livery.

- Cameroon Airlines.  The vaguely Indian, vaguely psychedelic font on their livery is even better than that on Surinam Airways.  Seriously, why did Cameroon need 747s?

- Air Madagascar.  Sure, it’s an island thousands of miles from anywhere.  Again, great font.

- Ernest Angley Ministries.  When I lived in Cleveland Ernest Angley used to have an absolutely awesome televangelist show from his home base in Akron.  Badly lip-synching singers were the cherry on the sundae of mangled scripture and a terrible toupee.  But for some reason he flies this awesome 747-SP.  Even God is impressed.

- Air Gabon.  Quite a disappointing font for an airline that has no reason to own a 747.


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