Top 5 Friday: Top 5 Things I’ll Miss About Skyteam

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I’ve gotten a bit of grief from yesterday’s post where I stuck up for Skyteam on the day that Continental moved over to Star.  Let me be clearer:  moving to Star is a GREAT move for Continental flyers in just about every way.  My point was that it’s not like Skyteam was horrible – I’m sure we all took perfectly nice free trips while Continental was a member.  The end.

To finish up this whole line of discussion, I bring you the Top 5 Things I’ll Miss about Skyteam:

1) Prior to the Delta merger, even Silver Elites on Continental were nearly always upgraded when flying Northwest.  Northwest flew 757s with 24 first class seats all over the place, and if you had status you were going to be upgraded into one of those seats.  Which, at least in the past 2 years, is exactly the opposite experience Silver Elites had when flying Continental.

2) Spending time in Detroit’s airport, which is arguably the best airport in the country.  Indoor monorail?  Awesome.  It’s all the more amazing that it replaced arguably the worst airport in the country.

3) Little ceramic houses with booze in them that KLM gives you in business class.

4) The Northwest DC-9s.  Cramped seating?  Sure.  But quiet and you were flying a giant hunk of history.

5) Never, ever, ever, ever, ever seeing a business class seat available to Europe on Delta.  Oh wait, I won’t miss that.

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  1. iahphx says:

    Yeah, flying NW was a Middle America timewarp — I liked their first class (well, that’s an exaggeration — I liked their first class when the alternative was being in coach on another airline!). But you could kind of tell it was an airline without a future.

    And that’s the same way I feel about United. Continental is hitching itself to an airline that — while more dynamic than NW — is probably another dead-man walking. It will need to get new ownership — and leadership — somehow. Not sure how it plays out. Regardless, Continental customers are unlikely to be hurt by the future drama.

  2. says:

    Agreed – the sad thing about Northwest is that they’ve felt like a dead man walking for ages. United does feel the same way, though they’ve had some decent innovation (PS service, for example). Still, if I had to guess, I would say that United will be sucked into Continental within 2 years.

  3. iahphx says:

    Doug Parker may feel differently as to who will be running United in the future. :)

    But this is a difficult and screwy business, so it’s hard to know what the future holds.

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