Man Denied First Class Upgrade Because He Was Wearing a Track Suit

(Yes, this story has been elsewhere, but it’s so good I want to make sure everyone sees it):

An exec with Best Buy was denied a first class upgrade on a United Express flight from Dulles because he was wearing a track suit.  If that were actually a rule, would all flights to Florida have completely empty first class cabins?

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  1. Shit happens. This could have been a rogue employee, someone who’s about to be let go and thus doesn’t care anymore, or some new-hire who confused the Non-Rev rules. I am not sure that it justified a TV news story or even sending that reporter dude out to Dulles to report “live” from outside the terminal. But that’s our wonderful US local news reporting, I guess.

    BTW, if this happened on Oct 26, does anyone seriously expect to get a reply from UA’s Board of Directors by the time this story aired? And if this guy is indeed an “executive of Best Buy”, wouldn’t he know that the BoD isn’t the appropriate target for his first attempt of getting a resolution?

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