TSA Puts (Confidential) Screening Procedures Online (Not a Good Idea)

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(Via View from the Wing & Wandering Aramean)

The TSA posted its “Screening Management Standard Operating Procedures” operations manual on its website and, because (fill in your own comment here about the TSA), instead of actually blocking any sensitive parts of the manual, they just put black boxes over the words in the PDF.  This allows people to simply highlight the black boxes and read the words underneath.

So, this person has eliminated that difficult step and simply posted the entire manual online for all to see.  I can’t say it any better than Wandering Aramean, who writes:

“Want to know which twelve passports will instantly get you shunted over for secondary screening, simply by showing them to the ID-checking agent?  Check out Section 2A-2 (C) (1) (b) (iv).  Want to know the procedure for CIA-escorted passengers to be processed through the checkpoint?  That’s in the document, too.  Details on the calibration process of the metal detectors is in there.  So is the procedure for screening foreign dignitaries.”

This manual is quite useful if you are, say, a terrorist, or, perhaps, starting your own country and, in turn, a new government agency responsible for screening passengers in your new airport.  You’ll enjoy the document in the link.

Keep up the great work, TSA!

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