The Crazies Are Coming Out: Man Threatening Jews Dragged Off Miami Plane

Oh man, the nuts are now coming out.  A man was removed from a Delta flight from Miami to Detroit after he was chanting, “I’m Palestinian and want to kill the Jews.”  Now, I’m Jewish, and I was just down in Boca, and I had to drive through the parking lot at The Boys in Delray.   If you have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s fine.  But if you know what I’m talking about, while I’m sure you do not want to kill the Jews, you would at least be very annoyed at them.  At least the 95 year old ones driving around the parking lot at The Boys.

Anyway, the nuts are out.

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  1. A visit to Del Boca Vista? :)

    I think I’ve seen that parking lot. They sell cheap produce, right? I always think some elderly guy is going to plow into me when I’m driving around Palm Beach County, but so far, so good. I still think you’re better with the elderly than the young crazies.

    Speaking of crazies, isn’t it at least comforting that the odds of running into a crazy on an airplane flight is still probably 100 times greater than running into a real (and dangerous) terrorist? Viva los locos!!

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