Please Do Not Bring Your Guns on Your Air Asia Flight (Anymore)

A friend writes that she was reading her Air Asia flight confirmation and noted this on the record:

“Guests can no longer carry guns and/or ammunition on flights to or from Indonesia.”

Um…I guess that’s good news?

(Thanks, Aarti!)

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  1. What? There no way I’m ever flying to Indonesia ever again. That place is becoming way too big brotherish, sheesh ;-)

    BTW: I flew Montreal to Boston last Wednesday night. Transport Canada allowed NO CARRY ONs, whatsoever. I was able to bring my laptop with me, that’s ALL they would allow. That route uses an RJ I used to be able to travel without having to check any luggage (I used skycheck which is basically bringing the luggage with you but they put it in the cargo and give it back to you at the door [no checked luggage stickers, etc. it's essentially carry-on]). So I put everything in a 20 inch upright suitcase on wheels. Fair enough. Then, on they way back (from Boston to Montreal), I asked what the rules were and displayed my suitcase. they said: no problem at all, you can bring it in. WHAT? You mean, I can go through security with this bag? YES! uh, your’e sure? YES. Ok, let me get this striaght, the RJ I fly is a much greater rish INBOUND to Boston than it is OUTBOUND??!?!? Isn’t the jet full of gaz when it takes off? Weren’t all the highjackers from INSIDE the USA when they targetted the WTV on 911? Shouldn’t the same rules apply? This is just insane and makes no sense. Also, from Mtl->Boston, we were subjected to a very personal fully body patdown like I’ve never had it before (a friend of mine [woman] who travelled from Halifax to Boston also confirmed the same thing, the CATSA (Canadian TSA) were very introsive with her too, it made her feel on the border of filign a complaint [the thought occured to me too]). So, that’s where we are now. Rest assured that no inbound canadian flight will be a problem. But flights taking off from the USA full of fuel are business as usual. Oh, and Canada just bought over 100 of those full body scanners from the company who has Chertoff as a chairman. co-incidence? sounds a lot like those republican controlled electronic voting machines to me… Meanwhile, our cargo, our acela trains, our buses, yeah, walk right in. Don’t we ever learn anything? Remember how the INS sent a visa renewal to one of the hijackers a couple of months after 911. Are we really thinking security or money here? Anyway, 6 hours to fly to Boston and go through security… I think I’ll do the 5 hours Montreal to Boston drive instead and save myself 600$ in the process… insane… google it, this is not a one time thing, paranoia is through the roof at Canadian airports while the HUGE GAPS in our collective security are left WIDE open.

  2. This piece also is totally right. When I read it, it felt like I wrote it and forgot that I did ;-)

    totally exactly what the problem is.

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