Passenger Sues British Airways for Making Men Feel Like Perverts (Um, Basically)

A male passenger is suing British Airways because of its policy that young children cannot sit next to male passengers who are not related to them (no, I was not aware of this policy).  In short:  a male passenger was in a middle seat next to his pregnant wife who was sitting in the window seat of a BA flight.  A 12-year old boy was in the aisle seat.

A flight attendant asked the male passenger to either move seats or switch with his wife.  He initially refused, saying that he wanted to stay with his pregnant wife, and that his wife shouldn’t be made to sit in the middle seat.  Things got a bit heated with the flight attendant, but eventually the passenger moved.  Then he got angry, suing the airline on sex discrimination charges, as the policy only applies to male passengers (it would be somewhat difficult to have a policy saying that unaccompanied minors could not sit next to male or female passengers).  The case goes to court next month.

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  1. What a ridiculous policy.

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