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A Quick Word about Sandwiches

I mentioned on Wednesday how I believe that Ambien has changed long-haul travel more than any on-board amenity.  But then I was thinking that for short-haul, has anything changed the on-board coach experience more than airlines cutting off food service?  (Yes, Live TV…but that’s not what I’m writing about today) Terrible airline food was a universal constant, joked about by every hack comedian on the planet.  In fact, it became a joke when comedians joked about it.

Then airlines cut it off, and suddenly people starting complaining that there was no food on board.  Continental ran unbelievably stupid commercials suggesting that people on a plane were longing for the days when airlines served food.

Of course, we just started bringing our own food on the plane (Salvadorans have known this all along, as if you’ve ever flown from San Salvador what is most striking is that every single — EVERY SINGLE — person brings Pollo Campero fried chicken on the plane).  It seems so obvious now – why did we complain about airline food for 50 years when we just could’ve brought our own sandwich.  Were we morons?  Sadists?  I’m not sure.  But I do know this:  I’m always happy with what I bring with me.  I don’t understand why people ever, ever complain about a lack of onboard food.  Or why people ever, ever talk about how good an airline meal was.  It wasn’t.  (Except for the ice cream sundae.  That was good).

Maybe it’s because I have kids now, and when we fly we have roughly a 7-11′s worth of snacks with us.  But man does that make me happy.  Why didn’t we think of that before?

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