Director Kevin Smith Removed from Southwest Airlines Flight for Being Too Fat

Much has been written about Southwest Airlines’ overweight passenger policy which forces customers who cannot sit in a seat with armrests lowered to purchase two seats.  You may have thought this only applied to regular, non-celebrity fat people  Well, you’re wrong:

Clerks director Kevin Smith was unceremoniously kicked off a Southwest flight from Oakland to Burbank because flight attendants thought he was too large to fit in his seat.  Southwest later apologized for this after Smith said that he could have fit in the seats (and offered him a $100 voucher).  BTW – Smith wrote about the incident on Twitter, and Southwest responded on Twitter.  I’m not sure why that matters, but I thought I’d let you know.

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  1. I’m a physically fit senior who will promptly pop in the mouth any fat tub of goo seated beside me who attempts to put the armrest down. Especially a demonstrative egomaniac like Kevin Smith. I have my rights as well.

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