A Quick Update on Flights to Baghdad

I continue to be amazed that scheduled airlines are flying into Baghdad.  No civilian would ever consider traveling to the city at this point, but 13 airlines are making the trip (see the full list here).  Sure, most are obscure, but Royal Jordanian and Turkish are making the trip from Amman and Istanbul, respectively.  And Iraqi Airways has a relatively robust schedule (considering), including plans to launch flights to London.

Iraqi Airways’ website offers some helpful exercises you can do so ensure that you remain healthy on board.  They provide no tips on how to not be blown up upon arrival.  Keep doing those foot pumps!

It’s worth checking out their website – there is absolutely no suggestion that, perhaps, there may be special precautions you may want to take upon arrival in Baghdad.  Well, they do say “Make sure to take a registered taxi on arrival – these taxi’s are available at Baghdad International Airport.”  Really?  That’s it?  Your biggest fear is taking an unlicensed taxi?  Who knew?

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  1. The Global Traveller

    Lufthansa is looking to start flights to Baghdad (and Erbil in Kurdistan), and I’ve also seen reports of bmi starting flying to Baghdad (perhaps next year?).

  2. I guess I haven’t heard of any SAM attacks on aircraft in Baghdad recently. Do they still take counter measures (like “cork-screwing) to land?

    I’m a bit surprised that a “real” commercial airline (like Royal Jordanian or Turkish) could get the necessary insurance to fly to Baghdad. I’m no nervous ninny, but if I were running an insurance company, I don’t think I’d insure that flight. At least not yet.

  3. Stewart Brown

    The Jordanian exercise illustrations are interesting – I wonder what one-eyed cartoons of people are really saying or signifying?

  4. As an American presently in Baghdad, I would just like to point out that statistically, your more likely to die in Washington, DC than in Baghdad. (Yes, statistics can be made to say anything, but there were more murders in DC last year, per-capita, than in Baghdad). I am a big fan of OTR, but as someone who constantly points out how the media misses the mark when it comes to airline safety stories, I think you have missed the mark on this one. While I would strongly recommend that anyone flying to Baghdad should take reasonable precautions, Iraq desperately needs to be connected to the outside world and first rate air service is a key part of this.

    • @DCFlyer – Thanks for the comment. My point was to applaud the airlines that have decided to re-engage with Iraq. True – I have not been there, but to compare flying into Dulles to flying into Baghdad is a bit of a stretch.

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