Roaches Delay Plane by 90 Minutes

An American Airlines flight from Miami to Washington Reagan was delayed by 90 minutes last month after crew found a roach colony living on board the aircraft.  Staff found a small colony of about 50 roaches living in a space between first class and the coach cabin.  Apparently, they were unable to get a full upgrade.

An American Airlines spokesman said that, while unusual, it is not unprecedented to find roaches on airplanes.  In case you were wondering, airplanes are (apparently) treated regularly by pest control.

I love the helpful hints at the end of the linked article from the National Pest Management Association.  In case you find bugs in your suitcase, they suggest you wash your clothes.  Thanks, NPMA!

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  1. Steve From

    A real roach coach! LOL!

  2. i had roaches in my house i used combat roach gel found at walmart worked 100 per cent please consider giving it a try sincerly paul

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